Love yourself.

Not everything is going to be good-in-the-hood all the time.

Life can be super tough at times.

But, you know what? You are way tougher!

So, be crazily, madly and unflaggingly in love with every bit of your spirit and watch the world go gaga over your aura.

Courage is your superpower!

I had always been scared to put forth my emotions before a world that refuses to believe that tears are not a sign of a weak heart.
One tear rolls down your cheek, and you are are ridiculed.
Your whole universe could be in a shambles, and you would still be expected to entertain the world with a happy face.
This shredded heart no longer cares about the ramifications of not entertaining the people around.
The courage that I have mustered is there to stay, now and forever.
Those heavy eyes have now lightened up.. and the distressed soul is now refreshed.

Truly, your courage can take you places.

I Shall Rise..

Just another day, thinking how I have buried myself in a pile of agonizing past..
The things don’t seem to follow the right track, did I not try enough?
How do I mend all the terrible mistakes I have made in life?
How do I make things right when everything is hell bent on making it worse?
I have tortured myself enough with all these intrusive thoughts already.
It’s worthy to realize – with darkness, comes light…
with hardships, comes ease.
I shall rise above the ordinary, in the best way possible.
I shall outshine everything that ever dared to dull the spark in me.
For even the broken, dark thoughts cannot engulf the light within me.


It is an inspiring delight to know that your business is getting a positive outcome. But don’t you feel it is absolutely vital to be aware of all the factors that are the driving forces of all those positive outcomes? Well, let me assume your answer is a ‘YES’ (for quite obvious reasons).
Take the unprecedented step of going deeper when it comes to analyzing the factors that are actually working out for your business and also, it’s an intelligent move to know the things that are not really working for your brand – replace them with some strategic factors that would eventually help you grow your business.

Now, we all know it very well that social media has plethora of data in it. Therefore, it is imperative to know what data actually needs to be analysed. Because hey, at the end of the day, the analysed data would give you an insight on how your business is actually doing in the market. It basically gives you the overall idea of where exactly your brand stands.

One important question here is : How well do you think you understand your social media audience? It is tremendously important to connect with your audience. In order to keep a track of your brand, you need to have a clear cut connection with all the customers out there. Sounds pretty logical, right? For everything to work out in your favor, it is imperative to understand the requirements and needs of the customers. Once your vision is clear and you know what the actual demand of the customer is, you are halfway there – Trust me on this! Many of us lack the basic understanding of what the requisites and needs of the customer are and that in turn results in losing the potential customers (I am pretty sure you feel the pain of losing them, isn’t it?)

Another crucial thing is to know who your competitors are. We all understand how difficult it is to keep up with the high-paced competition that is there on the social media. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the competition is increasing at a propelled bullet speed. Do you think it is easy to track your brand’s data as well as each and every move of your competitor on social media without the help of any social media analytics tool? Well, not so easy! So here comes our social media analytics tool – Buzzinga in picture.
Buzzinga enables strategic decision making for the customers by deriving meaningful insights from the aggregated relevant data on social media.
Buzzinga listens into all social media sources including Twitter, Facebook public pages, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr. It helps you optimize your market and harness social intelligence to drive better decision making.
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